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It wasn’t long before I began speaking about “sharing yoga practice,” and recognized students and instructors are ALL “Yogis, ” because a Yogi is anyone who practices, no matter how long or short their journey has been. It’s become apparent, even in my very short practice, that each Yogi has the potential to teach, and learn from, every other Yogi. Ideally, the teaching and learning continue for the rest of our lives.

My objectives in those early classes centered around building core-strength, and improving balance and flexibility. Worthy goals to be sure, but learning about and striving to achieve the physical benefits of yoga are only a part of the story. These days, I find I’m also enjoying other advantages:

  • Falling asleep more easily.
  • Sleeping more soundly.
  • Greater patience with myself and others.
  • Increased self-awareness & self-confidence.
  • Lower anxiety & better ability to calm myself in difficult situations.
  • Better perspective on what matters &, frankly, what the #!*&% doesn’t.


The New Old Yogi.

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