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That first class was a real eye-opener.  Having done aerobic exercise 3 days/week for most of my adult life, I was confident there wasn’t much I couldn’t handle in the yoga studio, even as a “Woman of a Certain Age.” 

Well, I humbled up pretty quickly when I couldn’t get down on the floor without getting on my hands and knees first.  Alarm bells went off as I flashed back to my grandmother’s kitchen and the memory of her struggling to reach for the roasting pan at the back of a lower cabinet.  I felt sorry for her then but mortified form myself in class. 

Mercifully, our instructor said the words I’ve come to heed and cherish in dozens of classes since:   

  • Listen to your body.
  • Don’t push yourself farther than you can go today.
  • Focus on the process.
  • Don’t become attached to some future outcome.
  • Stay here, now, in this moment.        

This gentle guidance provided my first clue that there’s more to yoga than poses and postures.  There’s so, so, so much to discover. 


The New Old Yogi

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