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,,I’m a card-carrying member of the “Sandwich Generation,” with all the rewards and challenges that stage of life brings. 

Our younger generation is made up of Our Older Child, who has already flown the nest, and Our Younger Child, whose wings are rapidly preparing for departure.  Sadly, My Dear In-Laws passed some years ago.

My Parents, on the door-step of 80, live independently in their own home and continue to be engaged with their big family.  Mom is the engine that keeps those wheels moving.  She does most of the driving and all of everything else.  Unfortunately, Dad has suffered severe back pain for many years and has limited mobility.  He hasn’t always taken a proactive approach to self-care, but these days he does his best in physical therapy to maximize core strength and maintain good balance.

So, in hopes of at least delaying some of the challenges my parents deal with, and following Our Children’s examples, I brought Handsome Husband with me and walked myself into a Yoga class last November.  It was there I became, “The New Old Yogi.”


The New Old Yogi

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